Community Council

2023-24 School Community Council Meeting Schedule (all meetings held at McKinley Elementary in Mr. B's office from 4:00-4:30pm :

  • 10/5/2023

  • 11/9/2023

  • 1/11/2024

  • 3/7/2024 @ 4:00

2023-24 School Community Council Meeting Agenda and Notes

Duties of the Community Council:

  • Develop a School Improvement Plan

  • Develop a School LAND Trust Program

  • Assist in the development and implementation of a Staff Development Plan

  • Develop a Child Access Routing Plan (elementary level only)

  • Advise and make recommendations to school and district administrators and to the school board when appropriate

  • Develop a Reading Achievement Plan (elementary level only)

  • Create subcommittees and task forces as needed​

Parent Outreach:
We will inform those that do not have internet access about Community Council through our back to school newsletters. Parents have open access to the computers in our lab to view the website as well. 

Parents, you have the opportunity to serve and make decisions about the School Trust Land funds. If you would like to be on the committee, please talk to Principal Arehart. Nominations and votes take place at the beginning of the school year. All meetings are open to our community stakeholders as well. 

About School Trust Lands:
School Trust Lands were granted by the United States to each state joining the union. When Utah entered the union it was granted four sections (a section is one square mile of land) per township.
Beginning in 2000, by state law every public school in the district established a School Community Council at the school level (Utah Code, Section 53A-1a-108). 
For more information, visit

Rules of Order and Procedure:

  • All meetings are open to the public and the public is welcome to attend. 

  • The chair or co-chair conducts the meetings, makes assignments, and requests reports on assignments. 

  • Meetings shall be conducted and action taken according to very simplified rules of parliamentary procedure as required in 53A-1a-108 (9)(i). 

  • Items on the agenda take priority over other discussions coming before the council. Actions of the council will be taken by motions and voting. 

  • The motions and voting are recorded in the minutes.