Missed Homework Procedure

We have set up a procedure for requesting make-up homework FROM THE OFFICE on missed days.

  • If your student is sick and absent for 1-2 days:  They can get the homework they missed when they come back to school.

  • If your students is sick and absent for more than 2 days:  The parent can call the office and request the teacher to put together the student’s homework as long as it is BEFORE LUNCH and then the parent can pick up the homework at the end of school that day.

  • If your students is going to be absent for an extended period of time (vacation, etc.):  They can get the homework for the missed days AFTER they return.

Please note: At any time, a parent can contact the teacher directly via email to request homework. 
We would appreciate it if you could help abide by these procedures.  If you have any questions, please let us know.